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1902 poster advertising Gaumont's sound films, depicting an optimistically vast auditorium

Blaue Engel, Der (1930) - The first sound feature film to receive near-universal critical approbation was Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel); premiering on April 1, 1930, it was directed by Josef von Sternberg in both German and English versions. I've only seen the German version that's why I put up the German title, and yes to all you cynics out there I see the irony in listing one of my favorite talkies as a foreign film so I'm reading sub-titles anyway, now let's move on. This movie is a simple yet entertaining tale of sexual obsession that at times is funny and sad as you watch the lead character degenerate, it also features one of my favorite all time movie songs "falling in love again" sung by Marlene Dietrich. All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) - The first American talkie to be widely honored was All Quiet on the Western Front, directed by Lewis Milestone

Russ Meyer

Mudhoney (1965) - A true indie that did things on his own terms, meticulous to detail and a craftsman with his shot compositions he was a serious filmmaker who didn't take himself or his movies seriously. Meyer and Weathers are like two giant silicone tits on the same buxom broad. I've always been a bigger fan. Key word being "bigger" of Meyer when he kept the comedy to a minimum. In this movie he manages to balance the comedy and the drama. He also spends more time developing the sleaze balls than he does the good guys, I'd do the same if I actually had any "good guys" in my movies. Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968) - Clearly one of my favorite Russ Meyer movies and perhaps his most underrated. This film is so sleazy that is makes you want to take a shower after watching it. It revolves around a heist of a juke joint featuring a cast loaded with some of the scummiest, lowlife degenerates that you will ever see on a silver screen in one sitting. Plenty of nudity and classic Meyer dialogue as well. Just writing about this film makes me feel like I’m doing something dirty.

Pre-Hays Code

The Public Enemy (1931) - I'm about the biggest James Cagney fan you can find, I could watch him take a dum and be like wow that's some hot sh..., okay maybe that's going too far. The point is I've got almost all of his movies in my DVD collection and I've seen some real "stinkers" (pun intended) just because he was in 'em. However this ain't one of 'em. In my opinion this is his best movie. Tagged by many as the straw the broke the camel's back with the Hays code if you haven't seen this movie buy it now, I mean right after you get all of your Full Circle purchases out of the way first that is. Scarface (1932) -


Scum of the Earth (1963) - When I think grindhouse, I think of movies that promise to show you things mainstream movies wouldn't dare, but end up giving you a clinic on bad filmmaking with zero budgets instead. This movie is that and then some, the plot revolves around a lured pornography ring that uses underaged models. There are rapes, beatings, killings, suicide, hold on don't get excited cause it's all done on a "G rated" level, advertised as sexploitation it doesn't even have any freaking nudity! Are you kidding me? What it does have though is some of worst acting you will ever see in your life. Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis popular to all true connoisseurs of bad cinema "Scum of the Earth" is a sick guilty pleasure for me as for some ungodly reason I've seen it at least a dozen times, so you can see it at least once.

Black Christmas (1974) - Considered by some to be the first slasher film, this movie actually delivers rather well for a so-called grindhouse movie. As far as the plot - a bunch of sorority floozies are dilly-dallying in a dorm while waiting to go home for x-mas vacation... and, suddenly, one-by-one, corpses start piling up. Okay, so we’ve seen this shit a hundred times, but back in 1974 this storyline was somewhat novel and inventive. Along with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Torso and Twitch of the Death Nerve, this movie laid out the blueprint for the very formulaic and predicable slasher genre.

Doris Wishman

My Brother's Wife (1966) - Wishman had quite a few phases in her career she started off in 1960 doing nudist movies, by the middle of the decade she moved on to roughies. In the 70's she mainly did sexploitation and a few Chesty Morgan movies, too many in my opinion, she finished off the 70's with a slasher movie, but do to the fact that over half of her film negatives were destroyed it wasn't released until '83 in a mangled version. In the 2000's she had a renaissance with several forgettable movies. Her roughies to me were always her best and this one in particular has extra skuzziness, but I would recommend any of 'em. Hideout in the Sun (1960) - Doris Wishman’s first movie. Filmed predominantly in a nudist camp in South Florida circa 1960, this film introduces many of the Wishman idiosyncrocies that appear in her later films – sleazy, slimey, skuzzy male characters… helpless, hapless, whorish broads… close-ups of hands and feet… strange off screen dialogue… vintage New York accents… god-awful dubbing etc… This film is her most engaging until five years later when she dropped “Bad Girls Go To Hell” in 1965

Full Circle Filmworks

Hookers in Revolt (2006) - Needless to say it felt great finishing this movie, having done 3 in my first year and then going 4 years until this masterpiece. Easily the most well rounded movie I've done to date, action, violence, sex, naked bodies, drugs, murders, suicide, hate, anger, betrayal, nihilism, there is never a dull moment folks or a chance to catch your breath. With a strong cast of hotties and plenty of lurid things for them to do, these hoes always manage to find a way to "cum" out on top, or the bottom, on their knees, all fours, you get were I'm going with this, just buy the movie and see for yourself. House of the Damned (2002) - The first movie by Sean Weathers and Full Circle Filmworks. Filmed in classic black & white in Boston, MA, this story is loaded with vile hatred, sinister betrayal, salacious sex and vehement anger. Yeah, its funny at times… but the minute you laugh, another pathetic loser dies horrendously in the wild carnage and barbarous bloodletting that will wipe the silly smile off your face. You never know who is the next human sacrifice in this brutal murder-mystery flick.


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